About Us


“Everyday is your runway. Shine out everywhere, every moment.”NARA Jewelry is inspired to enhance woman’s confidence. We want to accompany the lifestyle of a modern-day, fearless woman, who dares to shine amongst her crowd. We believe the key to win her heart is to capture her attention with our unique designs and stance, which set us apart from all the other brands.

We want those who choose ‘NARA Jewelry’ to feel empowered to define themselves and express their poise through our jewelry collection. The meaning behind NARA Jewelry’s brand is to provide not just simple accessories, but exquisite works of art that will complement well with the personalities of our dear customers.

Our definition of a ‘NARA’ woman is one who dares to shine amongst her crowd. She is courageous and creative. She is not afraid to show the world what she believes in, whilst still maintaining her cool and chic style.

We encourage you to become a ‘NARA’ woman. With our array of collections, let us help you create your own spotlight to showcase who you actually are. Visit any of our flagship stores to be matched with the perfect piece for you.


Our brand has attracted jewelry-lovers from all across the globe. We attend all the major international jewelry exhibitions to showcase our collections. Our pieces are crafted and designed by professional craftsmen and designers, who put their heart and soul into our fine jewelry. We are guaranteed with qualified experiences and skillful techniques passed on from creator to creator for over 40 years.


Our Head Jewelry Designer, Khun Tip Naratusachan, graduated Jewelry Design from London College of Art. She gains her inspirations through traveling the world and to international jewelry fairs all across the globe, keeping up-to-date with worldwide trends. She uses these experiences to create unique touches to NARA Jewelry’s pieces. Instead of following the fashion trend, she wants to become the leader, setting new trends with her own brand.